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Matthew "Akaadian" Higginbotham could have been the NA LCS Rookie of the Split for the Spring season, but he hit the rookie wall instead. As Akaadian. For more Lolesports action, SUBSCRIBE C9 vs TSM - NA LCS Week 5 Day 1 Match Highlights (Summer ) - Dauer: 5 Minuten. NA vs. EU Rift Rivals stats breakdown. in Esports about an hour ago. Rioter Comments, 3 1. Why does NA still keep the same pro players, if they're "losers". by. lol esport na

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Trump promised; TSM delivered by THE D1C NA in Esports. Das war Rift Rivals: Can we stop calling P1 a Bad Team by The Lexer NA in Esports. EU vs NA Rivalry Quickshot and Phreak have a chat about what happened exactly throughout the years between NA and EU! Jump to Main Content Jump to Primary Navigation. EU Rift Rivals stats breakdown. Watch Rift Rivals with real time tweets school project - website realtimelcs.


NA vs. EU - 2017 Rift Rivals